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You can hurst review discount code 2018 keep saying "Bitter-Root.
Then, equip it with incendiary rounds.
Choose the "I have some questions for you." option followed by the "What's your role here?" option.Combat Knife - Chance's Knife: In Chance's Grave.If you lose both spins, just reload your saved game.Leave the room immediately, and walk to the far right stairway.When Elijah finishes speaking, he should switch places with you.He will award you 100 caps.9mm Submachine Gun - Vance's Submachine Gun: In Win's Hideout, inside the safe.Once it says you are "hidden press E to add it to your inventory.In this room to the left side as you enter is a ehattons discount code 2014 shelf with an orange suit and a helmet that resembles a fish bowl.
Simply keep trading in the chips for caps to get as many caps as desired.
Take everything in the room that you want including the 36 gold bars on the table to your right and the gold bar on the Overseers desk.
Inside is a dead prospector, and next to him is the CZ57 Avenger minigun with a pack of ammo.
Easy hacking To always hack successfully, go to the terminal, and save the game.
After you talk to him again, select the following choices: "Tell me your terms again?
After you give them the supplies, choose the "I'd like to buy medical supplies" option.
Survivalist's Rifle (Unique Service Rifle In Zion, Red Gate.Go to Vault 11, and you will get a quest to find out what happened there.Crouch and sneak up to this soldier.The Spacesuit gives a good amount of RAD resistance, but has a low DT and breaks easily.As long as you do not exit slot machine mode before reloading, you will not be forced to wait 30 seconds after reloading.Tesla Cannon - Tesla-Beaton Prototype: On the ground near the crashed Vertibird, which is located at the south of the map, in about the middle.This glitch requires a 30 Speech skill level and neutral or friendly with NCR.Wait 3 to 7 in game days for the Vikki and Vance Casino to open again in Primm.Gamble in a casino, and play roulette.

You will get 100 XP no matter if you win or lose.