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The pride and joy of the Big Apple Circus was The Wallendas high-wire balancing act.
And that pool coin reward was just the beginning!Everything is smaller, not bigger, in Big Apple Circus, and thats often a very good thing.Surgeon and trapeze performer.Moral is: sure, good reviews are nice, but bad reviews are catnip to the curious.Running Time: One hour and 45 minutes, with one 15-minute intermission.Its only other announced tour stop in addition to National Harbor is Atlanta.I know, I know, thats not supposed to be important, and its to be expected from folks in such fine physical shape, but cmon, give a girl a break.Theyre wonderful, more like silent movie comedians than mere workaday clowns- its like seeing Harold Lloyd times two.Jenny Vidbel and her horses at the Big Apple Circus.Buy tickets at the box office on site, or purchase them online.
Tickets are ON sale NOW for our all-new 41st Edition spectacle in Lincoln Center, NYC.
The flying Tuniziani troupe performed on the trapeze and their star flyer, Ammed Tuniziani, attempted the rarely seen quadruple somersault.
Theres so much offered under this small tent that its impossible to detail each of the fine acts- but one thing I noticed is that everyone, from clowns to aerialists to contortionists to the ring crew, is almost impossibly good looking.
The Big Apple Circus is bringing its one-ring circus show to National Harbor March 8 through April.
Each performance promises an action-packed show, filled with thrills, laughs, and a lifetime of memories.
We found our seats under the Big Top and the show began, with Ringmaster, Tyron Ty McFarlan, introducing the acts with sophistication and a subdued sense of anticipation bubbling beneath the surface of his demeanor.
Bravely hanging on to the idea that vaudeville will someday return and this Internet thing is just a fad, she has foolishly made her living in live entertainment for over thirty years.The circus awaits you, with all its sounds, sights, and smells of miniature horse dung.We recommend you park in the.The Big Apple Circus is ready to astonish generations of guests with the worlds most celebrated acts in the circus most intimate setting!No spoilers, but theres a lovely long gag with goofy bathing suits and cups of water that will leave you in tears, its that good.And if you think the circus is just for kids, youre wrong again- though if youre a parent, and you dont take your kids to the Big Apple Circus, well, shame on you.Ty McFarlan, Big Apples new ringmaster.