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This is just one friend recommending great products to another friend.
However, Hubers famous Spanish Coffee can only be ordered in the restaurant, so you could also grab a gift certificate.To review, here are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts: Anniversary Gifts By Year: 1ST year: Paper 2ND year: Cotton 3RD year: Leather 4TH year: Fruit Flowers, or Linen Silk 5TH year: Wood 6TH year: Iron / Candy 7TH year: Wool/ Copper 9TH year: Pottery 10TH.Custom tours are also available.Hello backyard summers (129).Whether shopping for your husband, your wife, or your friends and pnc chicago bears 5k coupon code family, youll find creative and local ideas below.If you and your partner arent regular connoisseurs, you basically cant swing a dead cat on the Internet without hitting at least four new monthly wine clubs.A hammock (100 200).
To go with your home brew journal, duh (45).
Powells is the best new and used bookstore on earth because it sells new and used copies of the same book together on the shelf.
Enjoy the coupon code- I know I will!The good news is a cheap -looking home is not the same as a cheaply decorated homethe latter can be done and it can be done elegantly, as long as you're careful.Just in case your partner really likes candles.My favorites are the one about the Trinity, and the one about Angels!One of the best places to find delicious, locally made gifts, especially cheeses, New Seasons is known both for its great attitude and for its dedication to organic food.(30 and up).This place really renovated my concept of thrift store.Heres a picture of our.For the partners who appreciate historical accuracy, theres this fourteenth century beer stein (34).So, did you ever see an online list thats like Hey, look!Give the gift of discovery.

If youre shopping for a home brewer, surprise them with some of the unique ingredients or equipment sold by Portlands oldest homebrew supply store.
This tried-and-true, locally owned chocolatier offers the quality and selection associated with Godiva, and its chocolates are balanced and silky.
The single-malt whiskey sells out fast, which is a good reason to go shopping early.