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Festivals in the god's honour involved riotous behaviour, drinking and sexual indulgence.
It was originated by Mani, a Persian born in Babylonia around the year AD 216, who claimed to be the Holy Spirit.
Christians adopted it too.There are many points of interest in this passage.Religious practices included a sacramental meal of bread and wine, which represented the eating of the god's flesh and the drinking of his blood.Rites involved bells, candles, holy water, and a service similar to the Christian Mass, including a sacred meal.Now Christians took them from their Jewish owners and turned them into churches.1V (In this image, Nectanebo, the last native Egyptian pharoah has disguised himself as Ammon) Even Greek philosophers had been credited with divinity.They set themselves up on the Vatican Hill.Temples were destroyed or converted into Christian churches, pagan icons were replaced by almost identical Christian ones and pagan alters turned into Christian alters.
We know that the destruction of other peoples" places in England, and later their seizure for use as churches, was deliberate policy because the Venerable Bede recorded correspondence from Pope Gregory the Great that gives instructions to this effect.
Similarly, imperial provinces became the jurisdictions of metropolitans.
His death was sacrificial.
As some commentators have noted, the Sun god transformed himself from Apollo to Sol to Jesus Christ apparently without difficulty.It was populated by shades that carried on an anaemic existence, mere shadows with no real substance, memory or feelings.There was also generally something special about the conception of the king (or other prominent ruler).In some places churches were even built inside ancient stone circles.But the idea was not specifically Greek; indeed it was extremely widespread.This happened in hundreds or thousands of places, including the Rock of Aiguilhe.Beliefs, gift items online shopping india practices, customs and conventions were all taken over by the new Christian religion.St Peter's in Rome was built on the site of a pagan necropolis of the second century.In later times Hades developed distinct regions.Those who were not demoted to demons were promoted to saints.Wishing wells are another reminder.At Menuthis in Egypt the cult of Isis was replaced by that of local saints Cyrus and John.The Celtic Church, for example, celebrated a festival for all of its saints, All Saints" Day, on 1 st November.