christmas gift ideas for massage clients

You might have a client drop in quickly, they might be very private about their interests, or you might just run out of ideas for them.
If youre really looking to go the distance, and have a few extra dollars to back it british airways coupon code 2018 up, you can get personalised chocolates (both in wrappers and on the chocolate themselves) for as low as 3 each.
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Sell (and schedule) Online, for most people, online sales transactions are the simplest way to arrange for holiday scheduling and gifts.Luckily, increasing your income during the holidays does not need to endanger your ethical standards.If youre perplexed on where to look, go to a local tea shop and ask (or check online).With a little forethought and extra effort, there are multiple ways to attract new, lasting clients to your practice during the holiday season.Credit: Holiday gifts image via, shutterstock, you wouldn't be in business if it wasn't for your customers, so it's important to say thank you with a small token of appreciation from time to time.For more ideas about how to thank clients for thoughtful behavior, check out.Sourcinersonal gift, if youre looking for a specific gift for a specific client, but cant quite think of the perfect one, try out some of the following tips: Get a feel for their personality, and search for something that reflects that.
Send holiday cards with a purchase reminder.
In this economy, everyone loves a deal.
In addition to her acupuncture practice that focuses on stress and pain relief, digestion, immunity and oncology, Nicole contributes to the integration of healthcare by writing articles for professional massage therapists and people living with liver disease.
Crystal Joy Kelly, every client gets a piece of chocolate after their massage.
Wrack your brain, and see if you cant drum up a few small tokens of your appreciation.
Wed advise not going for cheap chocolates.
A small gratuity, personalised service, a focus upon your client as an individual each of these things reflect a desire to offer a service that makes somebody feel relaxed and cared.If theyre coming to you for holistic wellbeing, a guided meditation voucher could be what they need.Weve included some ways to source personal gifts at the bottom of this article, but having a good repertoire of ideas to choose from is best if you want to please as many people as possible.Imprint the name of your clinic on the front, or even your clients name (although itll usually code promo ps4 plus skyrocket the price to make each chocolate possess a unique signifier) for a neat little edible momento of their experience.Stress balls AND desk toys.Hang signs in your practice advertising them.For most people, the true spirit of gift exchanges has nothing to do with modern gadgets, stylish clothing or sparkly jewels.Additionally, tea comes with a range of health benefits its linked to a reduction in strokes and liver disease, an increase in your general immune system, and it contains numerous antioxidants.