In order to show that youre an eligible customer, you can take the company up on the offer via m when pre-orders go live on August.
If you were a Note 7 owner, and live in the US, apply for your rebate offer on Samsung's website.
Let us know down below!The terms suggest it needs to be in reasonably good condition, which seems fair, the company also talks about taking various sums off the rebate if it doesn't feel your device is up-to-scratch.Getting freebies for placing your, galaxy Note 8 pre-order was just the start of the love that Samsung was going to throw in your direction.The ill-fated Note 7Ian Morris, samsung's Note 7 incident cost the company a lot of money and some goodwill.The worst news of all though is that this is only available to US customers right now.Now read: The Note 8 has a secret and it's awesome.
Now, people in the.S.
It eventually saw the writing on the wall and decided to discontinue the handset.
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Given how expensive the Note 8 is, that'll go a long way toward the cost of the new phone.
The company has since enhanced its battery safety standards to ensure that something like that doesnt happen again.It will become clear in the coming days as the companys regional divisions come out with more information regarding pricing and availability for different markets across the globe.It's not clear what happens to those few people who kept their Note 7 and are still using.Its going to release the Galaxy Note 8 globally on September.Samsung is going to facilitate customers who purchased the Galaxy Note 7 last year but werent able to keep.

The Galaxy Note 7 was an absolute disaster for Samsung.
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And the good news is, Samsung is honouring that agreement with a massive 425 off the price of the phone.