gift basket puns

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Heres a gucci gorgeous gardenia gift set little treat.
Thanks for being there when kneaded, for rising to the occasion, for never loafing on the job, for helping others to heel.When it comes to teaching, you are HOT stuff.This tag is a favorite because of all the options!(Rhodes rolls or homemade frozen dough).You are a souper teacher.Thanks to someone tennis gift bags who really knows how to serve.There are so many options for little gifts throughout the day.SerendipityVita/Etsy, next: More gifts for your pun-loving friend.Ive included some affiliate links below to help you find some of these items on Amazon.
Ill always be stuck on you a new pack of gum, or Youre my butter half with some popcorn and movie tickets.
Wish You Were Beer Bottle Opener Keychain.
(ice cream or ice cream scoop ).
Warm, fresh rolls for you.
(box of crayons, watercolors or finger paints).
(hot pad, Red Hot candies).
Because in our book that means a nice relaxing massage is in the near future maybe even a couples massage!You add sparkle and make life brighter wherever you go!You can usually find amazing deals through Groupon!Shitake Just Got Real T-shirt, thats How I Roll Sushi Pin.(can of soup).Ive made a lot of pun crafts through the years but when I want to buy fun and unique gifts I love etsy!Thanks for adding pizzaz to our meeting!My husband and I love to have little pun-offs where we see how many puns or play gathering of the goddesses gifts on words we can work into our conversation.(pencil and note pad).I really carrot a lot about you!We couldnt restrain ourselves from saying thank you.Oh puns, you make us laugh and make us cry.

Thank you for chewsing to come!
Washable paper bag,.99 at, amazon.