It adds an outstanding glow in your gift pack.
Roll up the quilt and tie a wide ribbon around.
Image Source, paper Snowflakes: Take various colorful construction papers and create an amazing snowflakes design to show your extraordinary creativity.The video below shows how to wrap several presents Japanese style.Use it for wrapping a very special gift.Image Source Nature Inspired Gift Wrap: If you are a nature lover, add an extra flavor to your gift with a natural essence.With or without a box, the recipient will also enjoy thinking of ways to use the fabric, and will be able to make accessories to go with the quilt.Even though the quilt is in full view, the pattern is hidden in the rolls, and the level of mystery is still present.Even a very simple gift can be decorated in such a manner that it will look very precious.Image Source, colorful Tights Wrapping: uw madison gift shop This is almost a similar technique to the Furoshiki Wrap but this one is updated with colorful nylon tights.Ml, how to gift wrap a large gift.Image Source Office Supply Gift Wrap: Brass brads can be used in such a creative way that it will add an extra essence to your gift.
Image Source, dIY Gift Bag: Create a professional looking bag with a plain piece of paper.
And most importantly it is quiet easy to make.
Wax Paper Bow: Just arrange for a wax paper and make a fluffy and feminine beautiful flower to attach on the gift.
Image Source Scrapbook Paper Tags: Cut out interesting shapes from patterned papers for making beautiful tags that anyone will love.
It will bring smile in anyones face.
See the tutorial to know more about this.Make a coordinating pillow case, and place the quilt inside the pillow case.Since you are making it, it will be the right size for the quilt, and you can reuse it when you give other quilts.Image Source, leather Tags: Arrange for some thin leather pieces and hand press it to make a gift tag.Image Source Cross Stitched Gift Tags: Stitch an easy design into card boards for making simple and elegant looking gift tags.Image Source, photo Accented Gift Wrap: Before giving a gift add some personal creativity by wrapping it with a beautiful printed photo for your friend and family member.But you can show your creativity by wrapping a gift with colorful maps.Image Source, chalkboard Paper: If you love doodling, this is the one you should go with.Image Source, potato Stamped Paper: Take some small potatoes and carve designs.The fabric on the pillow case will provide a lovely hint of the quilt yet provides a level of intrigue.One of the most important parts of a gift is its decorating idea.

Image Source Furoshiki Gift Wrap: It is a style of Japanese gift wrapping using a cloth.
Updated on December 29, 2016, lots of different ways to wrap a quilt to give as a gift Source.
The most interesting part of this project is that you can add your creativity in the design and make it according to your own wish.