Hast du bis hierhin gescrollt, um die Fakten ├╝ber i love you i know zu erfahren?
Kershner: Dont yell at Harrison.
Fisher: All Im asking is to be invited to watch you guys get a scene together.
In a conversation between Ford and Kershner transcribed in Rinzlers book, the director and star agree that the love scene needs to be less florid.Ironically, that tender moment resulted in a fight between Ford and Carrie Fisher, who was annoyed that her co-star made changes to their scene without her input.At the first preview in San Francisco, the house broke up after Han Solo said I know, Kershner recalls.Fisher: But I didnt know until now.The Making of Star Wars: The Empire no pay no win Strikes Back, the moment does read differently.Im happy that I was able to make a small contribution.View photos, leia and Han earlier in Cloud City (Lucasfilm).Fisher: Theres no reason for me to be mad at Harrison.When it comes to translating a screenplay into a film, there are always going to be situations where elements are changed based on circumstances.Instead, Harrison Ford says, I know.
Han replies, Just remember that, cause Ill be back.
Leia (grana przez Carrie Fisher) i Han Solo (w tej roli Harrison Ford) w V czci sagi po chimney sweep shelby nc raz pierwszy mieli sobie wyzna mio.
I dont intend to mess around Whats up, buddy boy?
But is the legend true?
Every serious, star Wars fan knows the story: When Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) finally professes her love for Han Solo (Harrison Ford).
Ive got problems with the actors.
I know ramka z Leil i Hanem Solo.Well, the cast and crew laughed for about 15 minutes.Fisher: I yelled at Harrison about the changes.Fisher: (Shouts) I was in the studio!Well, what do you do when Led Zeppelin wont permit you to use any of the songs?It may not center around me, like this one doesnt, but Im involved.Fisher: Yes, the only thing Im not clear about is Kershner: (To himself) Jesus, what a day!I should not speak to him in that way.Han obviously wasnt being killed, but if he remained encased in carbonite forever, thats effectively death.A similar debate arose during the filming of The Empire Strikes Back scene in which Han Solo and Leia exchange heartfelt goodbyes before hes encased in carbonite.That led to a little tension with Carrie.

In a 2010, vanity Fair interview, Kershner said that Lucas insisted on doing two preview screenings, one with Han Solos scripted line (which Kershner had also shot) and another with Fords version.
I could be the only person who feels this way, but I thought their romance had a touch of falseness about it, he told.