I see a team with big questions in the bullpen and, unless something has changed, thats a problem in the postseason.
Cubs Fan Speaks Out After Plummeting Scoreboard Beams Him.Were clutching our couches so intensely that weve actually ripped off pieces of leather.Injuries took a toll.Dont count on it cancel.That beard alone is presidential enough.
Cubs general manager Theo Epstein, who was with the Red Sox back in 2004, had to allow himself to smile about it: Its been done before, rumor has it, he said.
That they might have had the National League Central title tucked in their pockets by the end of the day?
Photo Credit: Inquisitr, loveable Losers be damned, wed be a dynasty in the making.
And Anthony Rizzo, the Cubs star slugger, noted the comparison as well: One New York team has blown a 3-0 lead, he said.
You never know they might pull something out of their caps.
How much well see of October baseball remains the question.
Cubs manager Joe Maddon noted it after the game on Tuesday, saying To get it back to Jon and Jake would be kind of interesting.Thats the path they have to follow.So why would you choose to not enjoy that or create an ominous situation that subtracts the joy?Photo Credit: Reddit, clinton and Trump will be tossed aside faster than yesterdays newspaper.That thundering locomotive is charging full speed ahead with no signs of stopping.You have a lot of guys in that lineup with a lot of experience.

Of course thats how its going.