The New York Daily News was cited as "penetrating columns on race, welfare and other social issues.".
Physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace, economics, economic Sciences.The newspaper also reported that some clinic employees were pressured or paid to keep quiet.In "The Visible World a new poem, this is what she writes: What speed am I at here, on my knees, as the sun traverses now and just begins to touch my back.As a result of the newspaper's investigation, the American Medical Association announced plans to rewrite its fertility regulations and a grand jury was empaneled.McFadden, a senior writer at The Times, won for a variety of stories written under the unwavering pressure of a daily deadline.
When he later returned to the area, he was held for nine days in a Bosnian Serb jail.
The concluding anti-image in the last stanza of the title poem illuminates like a streak of lightning Szymborskas art: With smiles and kisses, we prefer to seek accord beneath our star, although were different (we concur) just as two drops of water are.
In the later collection, the poets identity is introduced with the words My identifying features / are rapture and despair.
In her discourse there is a striking combination of esprit, inventiveness and empathy, which calls to mind both the Renaissance and the Baroque.
What lies behind this is spelt out in the poem Under One Small Star: Dont bear me ill will, speech, that I borrow weighty words, / then labour heavily so that they may seem light.
Won for a series of forceful editorials on environmental issues, focusing especially on a proposed gold mine three miles outside Yellowstone National Park.
In his monthly column, Cityscapes,.Spot news reporting robert.A 1987 recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship, she also wrote.Criticism robert campbell The Boston Globe Robert Campbell, architecture critic at The Boston Globe since 1973, won for "knowledgeable writing" on all aspects of the built environment that bring to life the city and the region.Upon learning of the award,."They accused me of being.I.A.She argues that unless the difficult questions of justice and punishment are answered, democracy in the newly free countries will be undermined.

"The hardest thing was to convince them I wasn't a spy he said yesterday.
"It was probably just the most brutal thing I had ever heard about or thought about.